Friday, 13 September 2013

Sushi at Atari-Ya

Sushi has taken great strides in the food universe. In the past, people wouldn't dare go near any raw fish because of how it would taste and also how it looked aesthetically. Admittedly when I was younger the thought of eating sushi wouldn't go down with me either. But now I cant get enough of it and only a minutes walk from Bond Street station lies a tiny sushi bar called Atari-Ya. After walking past it a few times and seeing how busy it always was, I decided to go there with a friend to check it out.

Its a very small place and it runs like a café rather than a restaurant with only a few tables and chairs.
As soon as you walk in you immediately notice the chefs preparing sushi for customers behind the bar.

In terms of the menu they have a wide and reasonable choice of sushi to choose from and it is at very good prices especially for London.

They serve an abundance of fish which are prepared in different ways such as Sashimi, nigiri, maki etc.

I ordered the following:
  • Fatty tuna oshinko (oshinko is a Japanese radish)
  • Black cod roll
  • Fatty tuna nigiri
  • Salmon sashimi
  • Miso soup

It was disappointing to see that the miso soup was served in a paper coffee cup but that aside the sushi was lovely.
The fish was fresh and full of flavour. The rolls had the right amount of pickle and gave off a subtle heat.

We were still very hungry and decided to order another round of different sushi's. I might add there were dishes that we wanted to try but unfortunately they had run out of the products.

Our second round of sushi consisted of:

  • Spicy tuna roll
  • Snow crab leg nigiri
  • White tuna nigiri
  • Yellow tail nigiri

The tuna wasn't that spicy at all but the snow crab was meaty and succulent. I was a bit disappointed with the white tuna as it lacked flavour.

Atari-Ya is a sweet little place and the food there is of a high standard. Ok, admittedly, it was a bit hit and miss but if you go to places like Yo Sushi, it is what it is, (which is by no means negative) but if you like sushi at affordable prices and willing to be more adventurous, then this place is suited for you.

Don't be scared or put off by the strange names as some of them are fantastic and hey even if you don't like some of the sushi at least you tried them.

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