Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Come Get Som.

What an explosive year it has been for Som Saa. After a hugely successful fund raiser, it has transformed itself from being a tiny little joint at Climpson's Arch, London Fields, to now being the talk of the town in the East End with its rather impressive walk in restaurant.

That's right FoodPunkers, forget your generic Thai Green Curries and Pad Thais, Som Saa will take you on a journey that for a period of time, you will literally think you're in Thailand.
There are some unforgettable treats at this place and in my opinion you should go for a dish from each section such as The "Penang Curry" with its rich, creamy sauce and delicious chunks of salted beef cheeks, which just falls apart at the slightest touch. If you're a serious meat head, the succulent grilled pork and the chicken leg is a no brainer.
As for the fish option, you can not go to Som Saa without ordering the deep fried sea bass. It is a monster of a dish and one that you'll regret if you don't have it. Flaky bits of white flesh fall from the sides with ease. Even the skin is worth eating especially as its super crispy and the fish is dressed in a generous amount of some sort of sweet, sour and fiery sauce, garnished with fresh delicate herbs.

If things get too wild, just take it down a notch and go for some salads, The "Yum Karmin Khao" is a winner, Juicy prawns, tender pork, crunchy peanuts ( I know right? Me eating peanuts) all party together with loads of fresh tangy lime juice. Seriously impressive stuff.

Penang Curry ( Salted Beef Cheeks)

Deep Fried Sea Bass

Thai Style Grilled Chicken Leg With Tamarind Dipping Sauce
Grilled Pork Neck With A "nahm jim" Dressing
Prawn, Pork, Peanut & White Turmeric Salad

Som Saa is a place in demand that everyone wants to check out for the first time or simply return for an umpteenth time. If you're going as a pair, prepare to wait for over an hour. My advice, go as a group because then you'll be able to book a reservation (as well as ordering everything off the menu).
Regardless of waiting times, this restaurant has raised the bar in Thai cuisine, so get your foodie asses to Commercial Street and feast on some proper authentic Asian food. Pad Thai's and Green Curries are a thing of the past people.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

God Gave Us Black Axe Mangal.

"I cook for fun" is Lee Tiernan's attitude towards food and it basically sums up what his restaurant is all about.

There's three things that makes Black Axe Mangal popular and successful.

  1. A killer soundtrack consisting the likes of Rage Against The Machine and Queens Of The Stone Age.
  2. Electric vibe.
  3. Quality Food.
Oh and there is absolutely no way you can't not but be impressed seeing a big bad ass wood fire oven  plastered with the members of Kiss taking centre stage in the small open kitchen. 

This place is all about getting stuck in and not giving a fuck. Everyone is so chilled out and even though its a tight space, its not even awkward rubbing shoulders with the person next to you. Luckily for me, I was sitting next to Lee himself. 

When it comes to the food, there are no set rules and that's the kind of thing I love. It's dirt cheap, small and each dish carries it's own individuality and character. It bloody goes down well with an ice cold can of beer too. You could easily tackle the menu in a group but if you're a dude with a big appetite, knock yourself out and go for every dish.

White Sprouting Broccoli & Fermented Shrimp Butter

Lamb Offal Flatbread

Pig's Head, Scallop & Chilli

Buttermilk Fried Quail & Mission Spice

There are two particular dishes that stuck out for me, the quail and the lamb offal flat bread. The quail is coated in a Szechuan pepper and cumin spice mix. Its gives out the most strange tingly, numbing sensation on the tongue and even though you think its too much, you keep going back for more and more. Tasty stuff!. 
As for the lamb offal, ok it doesn't sound the most appetising but this is the dish that everyone recommends and trust me you will never look at offal in the same way again. Be brave and try it. 

Black Axe Mangal is a mischievous little joint that everyone should check out. Rocking out to tasty food never felt so good.