Thursday, 20 April 2017


 First things first there's only one teeny weeny problem with Farang and that is its knee deep in Arsenal territory but I'm obviously not going to go on about some small under-achieving football team (haters gonna hate), I'm here to tell you folks why Farang is on top of its game producing what is arguably the best Thai Food in and around North London.
 For a period of time the team behind the place has opened it's doors to a wider audience setting up shop at an Italian restaurant - San Daniele. You may be forgiven to think you've rocked up to the wrong restaurant with it's traditional Italian décor and retro table cloths but the hustle and bustle and the pungent aromas of the Far East certainly tells a different story.
There are a few elements to the menu that is similar to Som Saa (see FoodPunk Visits) but that is by no means a bad comparison to make and I am definitely not saying that Farang are copy cats, far from it. It should be deservedly mentioned in the same breath as the East London joint bringing a little healthy competition to the table.

Starting with the small plates we ordered a selection of vegetarian and meat options. Tender, juicy bits of onglet accompanied with a roasted chilli sauce was fiery, pungent and equally delicious as was the vegetarian alternative to the Prawn Miang bites. We got our hands messy (well I did), rolled them up and shoved it in one hit. It's the best way, trust me.
Being a greedy bugger I just had to go one extra by not ordering just one large plate but two, noticing that the crispy sea bass was a special. Seriously you would be mad not to order a whole bloody fish especially as it turned a few heads when it arrived at my table. That dish as well as the soft, melt in your mouth coconut beef cheek curry is on par with Som Saa's. Full of intense flavours and spices, it was a joy to eat and yes nothing was wasted. I even tucked into my girlfriend's vegetarian green curry - just as aromatic, loud and tasty as my plates.

Grilled Onglet, Roast Chilli Jaew

Miang Bites

Yellow Bean & Asian Vegetable Crispy Won Tons, Burnt Chilli Sauce

Braised Beef Cheeks

Crispy Sea Bass

Vegetable Green Curry


Farang has all the right characteristics for being a long term success. It might not be in the most "hip" of all areas i.e. East London, but the menu will surely entice any budding foodie. This won't be the last time you hear or read about Farang as big things beckons for the gang.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The Cheese Bar

Cheese, oh glorious cheese. FoodPunkers who doesn't like getting their filthy chops around the stuff? I know I do. The more stronger and gooey it is the better and the cheese bar is on hand to make all your cheesy dreams come true.
First things first, the price. Now it could put some of you off because you're going to think do I want to pay up to seven pounds for a grilled cheese sandwich?. Well in my opinion you'd be a fool not to. This isn't the Cereal Killer Café where you're going to paying over the odds for a bowl of cereal which is exactly what I stupidly did (someone slap me please). No, this place is far more serious as cheese is a whole lot better than shitty American brands of wheat in a bowl. It's a no brainer.

Queso Chihuahua, Chorizo, Jalapeno Salsa
Rosary Goats Cheese, Honey, Walnut, Rosemary Butter
Whilst on the subject of the grilled cheese sandwich, let me tell you it is worth every penny and bite. We tucked into a few including the chorizo which was embedded in a queso Chihuahua (soft white cheese), accompanied with a spicy jalapeno salsa. The other bad boy we ordered was the creamy goats cheese topped with sweet honey, walnuts and a lush rosemary butter. The Veggie crew will be all over that one.
Of course the bar offers other alternatives other than their famous grilled cheeses. Their small dishes will bring smiles to many and it's best to order a good amount because there are some tasty plates on offer.
The short rib poutine with its home-made skin on fries, drowned in a rich dark bacon gravy, topped with flakes of short-rib, crispy onions and stringy cheese is a must.
Perhaps for us, our favourite was the Marmite Malakoff. If you're one of the hate it members of Marmite, unlucky, because this sexy ball of cheese is smothered in the stuff. Cutting that golden brown crunchy sphere and seeing that lava of cheese ooze out is a sight to be seen. Absolute heaven and not only that it's bloody delicious.
So put that ordinary cheese on toast you made down and head over to the cheese bar to get some C.W.A. (cheese with attitude). This joint means serious business and it's here to stay.
Short Rib Poutine, Bacon Gravy

Four Cheese Rotelle

Marmite Makaloff, Romesco