Friday, 13 September 2013


Just a quick blog for you guys.

I went for drinks the other night with a friend and we went to this really cool pub called the Pontefract Castle located just behind Bond Street which had a great selection of beers, ciders etc.

Behind the bar I noticed that they had some beer snacks and there was one that caught my eye which was the "Crispy Pork Belly". I love my pork scratchings and I always have a pack or two when I go out and for just under £5 I thought why not. Oh how I was wrong.

It was such an epic fail and almost embarrassing. When I order something that is described as crispy I'm expecting it to be just that. This snack however was far from it. It was still soft and the pork was unseasoned and had no flavour at all. The texture was as if it had been covered in cling film sweating away all day. To top it all off and add insult to injury, the pork was accompanied with a ready made apple sauce from out of a jar.

I felt cheated and robbed and that snack could have paid for another pint. I'm not saying I'm expecting top notch stuff here but come on if you're going to put something on the menu then you've got to make it specifically to what it says.

"The Crispy Pork Belly"

So if you ever pop into the Pontefract Castle just keep away from the infamous pork belly and spend your money on another drink.

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