Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Mods and Rockers Get A Taste of Middle Temple Hall, Thanks To Harbour & Jones Events

Harbour & Jones Events is fast becoming a well-known and successful events catering company. Not only is the boutique caterer known for providing high end, quality food and service, it is also recognised for hosting events in top drawer locations such as the Cutty Sark, St Paul’s Cathedral and the Royal Academy of Arts to name but a few.
Catering at these highly regarded sites has lead Harbour & Jones Events to being awarded a number of accolades including recently being named Event Magazine’s Caterer of the Year 2015.

 With all these highly acclaimed awards, Harbour & Jones Events is still aiming to be the best and most sought after events caterer in the business, and hosting a high-profile dinner at the prestigious Middle Temple Hall on Saturday 7 March has only helped their cause.

Middle Temple Hall itself is a remarkable piece of architecture, and the best I can describe it is that it’s like the great hall of Hogwarts. There’s so much history behind it, and to think that it has been untouched and survived a world war in which London was hit by the blitz is quite frankly, extraordinary.


Harbour & Jones Events hosted the event for London City Selection as part of their annual agents hospitality weekend. The theme being Mods and Rockers which was right up my street. Good food and classic old school rock, what’s not to love about that? It certainly got the crowd going, and at one point there was a group of well-choreographed dancers strutting their moves to a number of songs. Everyone really did get involved and it was great to see people letting their hair down having the time of their lives.

Harbour & Jones Events Creative Director, Jules Heckman Hughes, and Sales & Marketing Manager, Lucy Mears, were on hand to make sure the event ran smoothly, and they both worked effortlessly to organise an event to remember.

Director of Food, Gary Mckechnie, and Company Chef, Rob Milligan, (who I like to call the Top Gun chefs of the company) did an outstanding job on the food front creating a brave menu, and executing it perfectly.

Why was it brave I hear you ask? Well, from reading the menu there were a number of rich dishes that stood out for me such as the potted shrimp, Dorset crab and the Gressingham duck but all the components in each of those dishes were light and well balanced.

I also thought it was a clever menu with the sharing starter “Taste of the Great British seaside” a fitting tribute to the Mod classic cult film Quadrophenia as well as the album of the same name by The Who.


The wine kept flowing, the service was impeccable and the food was demolished with one of the guests, Sophie Wiseman, calling it “Simply delicious”. Sophie got it spot on with those words.
The canap├ęs got tongues wagging and taste buds going, giving people a little teaser of what was to come. The starter was shared around and in no time the wooden boards were empty with everyone literally loving the seafood. When it came to the main course, the duck was succulent, pink and tender and was accompanied by a huge and hearty hotpot style potatoes. Pudding was definitely the perfect way to round off such an incredible evening of food and drink. The mousse within the chocolate delice was light and fluffy and the caramelised banana complimented it exactly.


Jules, Lucy, Gary and Rob did an outstanding job both front and back of house, with all the guests (including myself) leaving with a massive smile on their faces. And it was a nice touch from the event organiser to thank Harbour & Jones Events for the hard work and sublime service they provided that night. With more successful events like this, there is no doubt that Harbour & Jones Events will become an even bigger name in the events game.

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