Monday, 30 March 2015

I'm Turning Japanese, I Think I'm Turning Japanese I Really Think So.

Being half Asian I obviously can't help myself but to indulge in a little munch from the homeland .

Can you blame me?

Ok, so I admit I have been writing quite a lot about Asian food of late and I will be taking a break from the Far East but quite frankly Sticks 'n' Sushi needs to be written about. In terms of price, atmosphere and more importantly food, it has got to be one of the best restaurants in town.

Yeah you got Roka and Nobu (I haven't been to either of them yet) and everyone knows from word of mouth and various publications how amazing they both are but lets face it, you do need the cash money to dine there.

On the other hand you don't want to go to Yo sushi, Wasabi or some back alley sushi parlour where they don't even have a license to serve alcohol for an evenings meal. Don't get me wrong I like Yo sushi and Wasabi  because they generally are inexpensive and you know what you're getting every time with them but if you want to go more upmarket and affordable then Sticks 'n' Sushi is the place to go. Also I wanted to impress this lovely lady right here. FoodPunk hit jackpot!!!

Located in Covent Garden, the restaurant is very easy to get to, right bang in the centre of town. Just look for Henrietta street. If you're near Wimbledon, there's one there and they've just recently opened a third establishment in Greenwich. Something tells me that they're going to be expanding a lot more in due course. I just hope they don't let the standards drop but only time will tell. Right now though, the food is exceptional.

The staff working in Covent Garden were on form. They were genuinely one of the nicest bunch of people I have come across. Professional at all times, they certainly made me feel relaxed and at ease.

Just like the menu says this place "gets me in a good mood" and I really was in one.

If you've never been to Sticks 'n' Sushi before you might find the menu a bit daunting and busy but the staff are on hand to help you with any recommendations and the variety of dishes they have on offer.
This being my second visit, it was definitely better than the first time around.

Salmon Tartare

Japanese potato salad

Beef nigiri, Tomato and lime marinade nigiri, mamma mia roll

Mixed yasai vegetables in teriyaki, chicken meatballs in teriyaki

Authentic Japanese tea

The food on the night was on point, it really was. From the first dish to the last, every one of them brought something new to the table. Vegetarian sushi to fresh salmon tartare to chicken meatballs, I must say I picked a good variety of plates to eat.

Both the chicken and vegetable yakitori were to die for. The vegetables had an awesome crunch and the chicken meatballs were moist and had bags of flavour. Both were coated in a stunning sticky gooey teriyaki marinade.

The beef nigiri was sliced so thinly that the meat just melted in my mouth. The beef was flash fried within seconds to give it that barbeque charred taste.

What I loved about the Japanese potato salad was that it wasn't coated in a truck load of mayonnaise, it had the right amount just to bind all the ingredients. It was sweet and the pickled vegetables gave it that perfect balance to offer a sour note to it.

Surprisingly I have to declare that my favourite dish had to be the tomato and lime nigiri. There was something about it that's really hard to describe. The juices from the flesh of the tomato just exploded in my mouth it and the sharpness from the lime crept in to balance the flavour and give it that extra lift. It was clean and fresh.

Stick 'n' Sushi gets the FoodPunk thumbs up. The food was incredible and I can guarantee that if you go here, you will leave more than satisfied. It's a great hangout for family and friends and if you want to have good, quality food and drink at affordable prices then this is the place for you. So go on, get some Asian in your bellies.

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