Thursday, 1 June 2017

The Gilbert Scott

Visually stunning its hard not to be in awe of the St Pancras hotel where in the last few years or so has undergone a spectacular renovation.
Playing a major part in it's renaissance, Michelin star chef Marcus Wareing has created a restaurant that is utterly stunning yet flawless and effortless. This my friends is the Gilbert Scott.
The Gilbert Scott offers diners a unique, personal experience creating and providing extraordinary plates of food whilst offering a sophisticated, classy service. And shock horror I did not walk in with ripped jeans, a T-shirt, having my tattoos on show.
The area itself is just as impressive. Huge windows, dominating pillars and moreover a stunning looking bar speaks for itself mixing it's historical, authentic, traditional style with twenty first century class and if you really want to pull out on all the stops, a chefs table is available to see the chefs in action.

There's nothing pretentious about the food. Head chef Ben Howes and his team aren't playing around with a ridiculous number of elements on a plate, where what you read on the menu is what you get and better yet, they're celebrating seasonal ingredients.
We had a set menu from starters to desserts and like every top restaurant we were treated to a cheeky amuse bouche with Ben creating a tantalising, creamy wild garlic soup with whipped soft goats cheese on a cracker to compliment it. Delicious and moreish, I could have drunk a huge bowl.
Starter wise, a meaty fishcake with a slow cooked poached egg and a naughty fragrant coconut curry sauce is as good as any I've eaten and having that yolk burst out of it's bubble made this dish even more mouth watering - a sight to be seen.
If only this was a more casual place that I'm use to going to, I would have gone to town on the pork. I just wanted to grab hold of that chop and pick off every little bit of the crispy fat. On a bed of crunchy cabbage, spiced chorizo and a sweet prune puree, it's a winner. For the grandstand finish Gilbert Scott's smooth, velvety  chocolate cremeux with a cool, refreshing orange sorbet delivers.
This is a restaurant that consistently produces the goods and being situated right by the terminus, the Gilbert Scott can show how far Britain has come to all those who visit here and why we're leading the way on the food front.

Wild Garlic Soup

Fish Cake, Coconut Curry, Slow Cooked Egg

Cumbrian Pork, Prune, Cabbage & Chorizo

Chocolate Cremeux, Orange Sherbert

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