Monday, 9 January 2017


If none of you have checked out Temper, I suggest you do so as soon as possible. It's been a while since I've been excited about a restaurant but Temper has reinvigorated my taste buds. From start to finish, dish after dish, this place had me calling for more. And if I had the money and stomach, I would have ordered every single item off the menu, that's how good it was.
I loved everything about the place. It was stylish, it was cool and it was damn right funky. Not only that it was one of those places where fusion food is spot on from South American to the Caribbean and as far as the Far East, with a huge open grill and service area which dominates the basement area and slabs of meat and carcasses all being grilled and smoked to perfection. 

To get the party started we ordered a portion of the scotch bonnet chilli nachos. They were a naughty, moreish little number and if it wasn't for us ordering a shit load of food then there's no doubt we would have scoffed more. Trust me, ask for a few of these bad boys.
The fluffy puffed up tacos were to die for and we each ordered a different topping including creamy and tangy crab and pickled onion pork skin, succulent, garlicky pil pil prawns, flavoursome lumps of beef fat and the good old classic aged cheeseburger.

When it came to the main event, our  mouth watering meat (consisting of goat, burnt end larb, pork and lamb) was delivered along with a string of sides, sauces and sprinkles just to give it the X factor and love affair it truly deserved.
Standout sides included the beef fat potatoes which had lashings of gooey, torched Ogleshield cheese and the sexy grilled corn which had cheeky little bits of broken popcorn coated in a rich lamb fat Bearnaise.  And if that wasn't enough we also chowed down on some spicy and crunchy jerk cauliflower as well as some cool and refreshing Asian smacked cucumber.
There's no set rules to how you should approach tackling the whole event. For me, I took a bit of bread, slapped on some meat, added my favourite sauce (which happened to be the green sauce - lime, coriander and garlic) and topped it with all of the sprinkles and it was banging. There was freshness, richness, fattiness, crunch, spice, sweet and sour all in one bite.

Arrange plans to go this casual, classy place because it's a fun-loving restaurant where the food speaks for itself, the music is cool as fuck and the bill won't leave you running for the hills. Can someone invite me when they next go please?

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