Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Greece, Is The Word

Notting Hill, probably best known for one of Hugh Grant's biggest films and where Ronan Keating sat on that park bench serenading the many masses with the film's hit soundtrack.
But I'm not here to reminisce over such things. Oh No, I'm here to tell you about Mazi, a tiny restaurant tucked away a few minutes from Notting Hill Gate Station that serves some of the finest Greek food in the area.

 Its shabby chic and Mediterranean style is a welcome addition to this part of town and the people who dine here? Well just think Made In Chelsea where conversation is about designer gear and the new boutique outlet along the high street. As for me, I'm just there to dive in and feast on what this restaurant has to offer.

As for the menu, plain and simple, it's designed for sharing, so don't be shy and get stuck in. The front of house team are very hospitable and patient and if you're like me at times find it hard to pick what dishes to try, they're on hand to guide you.

In my opinion hit the jars immediately because if you're a sucker for cheese fondues, then the spicy tiropita will put a massive smile on your face. Lumps of feta in a rich creamy sauce, accompanied with thinly sliced red chillies and soft leeks. It's cheesy, gooey and the sweetness from the honey helps to cut through the richness.
If you want a lighter option, then look no further than the cold, soft and smooth velvet textured beetroot yogurt.
FoodPunkers don't be afraid to order more bread either, you'll regret it if you don't dunk, spread and mop up every inch of the jars.

Spicy Tiropita, Broken Filo Pastry, Leeks and Chillies

Beetroot Dice, Greek Yogurt, Lime and Crushed Walnuts

When it comes to meat, Mazi comes out on top. You can't go wrong with crispy and succulent Lamb belly finished off on the grill and I would love to meet  Mazi's Grandmama because her meatballs are so god damn good, sitting on a bed of cool tzatiki and herb oil.

On the veggie side of things, you will definitely get your monies worth with the feta tempura. A huge slab of crumbly feta encased in a sesame shell with lemon marmalade and caper meringue.
As for the courgette cakes, five crispy bite size nuggets go down well with the sweet cucumber dip and if you're a greedy bugger like me, there will probably be none left to share around the table. Perhaps order a couple of them.

Lamb Belly, Miso Aubergne, Chickpea and Tahini Paste

Grandmama's meatballs, Handmade Crisps

Courgette Cakes, Cucumber and Mint Dip

Feta Tempura, Caper Meringue, Lemon Marmalade

Mazi is the perfect place to go to especially with summer rapidly approaching us. The food is outstanding I'm already making a note in my diary for my next visit. Right now Greece is definitely the word.


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