Monday, 15 February 2016

Welcome To My Dozo

It's been a while since I've written an article on sushi and on Saturday night I checked out quite a good place that I think all FoodPunkers should perhaps consider.
Dozo is a stylish, high end restaurant that has people queuing up in the heart of Soho, many of them being Japanese themselves which gives a good indication that this place must be the real deal.
And is it? I certainly think so.
Before I big up the food there's something that I should get off my chest and mention as it could be difficult for many people. It's nothing too serious or dramatic by any means but unless you're a flexible person or practice yoga on a regular basis, getting to your seat could prove a little challenging,
The restaurant has traditionally low tables with diners sitting on cushions placed on benches to give them that feeling as if they're virtually sitting on the floor. However getting to your table means that you may have to step on that bench and shimmy across other people who may be eating. If you're not agile and flexible you may face an awkward situation.

Nevertheless the rest of the dining experience is a positive one, with the food and service being value for money.
There's lots on offer from bento boxes, appetizers, sushi rolls, sashimi, ramen and specials from the chefs. If you're in a big group, switch things up and take advantage of the different styles.


Everyone bangs on about Roka. Admittedly I haven't been yet and I've always heard great things about the place but if you don't want to burn a hole in your wallet (as I've been told it is on the expensive side), I think Dozo would probably be the next best thing. Yes, there are some prices that might make you wince, but in general the food is worth the money and you could easily have a decent meal without blowing the budget.
The food will definitely not disappoint. It looks fantastic and it tastes fantastic.

Miso Soup

Egg Fried Rice

Wagyu Beef, Butterfish, Fatty Tuna, Salmon & Avacado

Tuna Tartar

Vegetarian Bento Box


Lamb Chops (Chef Special)

Chicken Thighs, Enoki Wrapped in Bacon, Grilled Tiger Prawns.


The bento box is very impressive and can easily be shared with more than two people as you get a a decent sized portion of rice, sides and soup. If you're vegetarian, do not have the miso soup, as it contains fish in the stock.
If you're like me and you don't mind getting your hands dirty, the lamb chops are a must. Coated in a Korean chilli sauce where the heat just coats the rim of your lips, you'll be gnawing away at that tender piece of meat to the point where you're chewing the bone.
The Robata Yaki (grilled meats/fish on a skewer) will certainly leave you with a smile on your face. Sticky glazed chicken thighs, fleshy grilled tiger prawns and the juicy enoki mushroom wrapped in bacon will get demolished in no time at all.  
Obviously coming to a sushi restaurant, ordering a variety was top of the agenda. Fatty tuna, butterfish and the Wagyu beef sashimi were my personal choices. It can be difficult to choose as there are many options but if you're stuck, definitely go for those three.

Dozo, without a shadow of a doubt is an easy place to recommend. It is value for money, offers great food and good service and as long as you can get over the seating situation, you're going to have a pleasant experience.
Oh and just one final thing, perhaps book in advance to avoid the queue.

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