Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Pigging Out At The Pig & Goose

Before I begin and tell all you FoodPunkers about The Pig & Goose, this awesome place that I went to, let me start by saying how I stumbled across this hidden little gem.

Most of us have probably heard about the news about Dave Grohl and his poor leg. Well last Friday, myself and a few other peeps were meant to have seen the Foo Fighters at Wembley Stadium but because of Dave injuring his leg, they were forced to cancel their U.K and European dates. Yes it sucked at the time and anybody who has seen them live knows how much they bloody rock. But I'm not one to mope around about such things. Anyways I saw Faith No More and The Strokes the previous evenings, so I was content and had my live music fix for the time being. However I did bump into Dave and wished him a speedy recovery. No leg jokes from the picture below, I've already heard them.

So, like I said no Foo Fighters on the Friday but that didn't stop me from making alternative plans.
Sian and I met up with my "hipster" best friend Alex Reid (no introduction necessary) up in the Holborn area and with gorgeous warm summer weather in London, what better way to star the late afternoon/early evening off by having a few pints and talking about how awesome The Strokes were the previous night.

Alex has this app on his phone and I've totally forgotten what its called but basically it finds restaurants in and around London that has spare tables and you can book last minute dot com depending on how many people are in your party. Now this is where the Pig & Goose comes in. So we're sitting around in a pub called the George which is located in the Strand area and we're using this app to find somewhere to eat for dinner. We booked at this tapas place but we noticed something. The George had a new furnished restaurant on the floor above called the Pig & Goose. Therefore we asked the bar staff if there was a menu we could check out as well as if there was any chance of us hanging around for dinner. Thankfully there was space upstairs for the three of us to eat and moreover the menu looked frickin awesome (which you can check out below).

Alex and I are big foodies and if you have the pleasure of either partying hard or getting wet with us (we don't get wet, don't panic) then you will see that we don't scrimp around eating small plates. You either go hard or you go home.
As we all know drinking fine top notch alcoholic beers (Stella, Carling......I joke by the way) gives you serious munchies and I eat non stop, I don't go by the three meal a day routine. Therefore after having a few drinks we ordered perhaps something that would more than fill a hole. Check out these mofos below!!!

All of the food above was ace and was being sold at such a decent price. I mean three pounds for a pint of pork scratching's, seriously, other places need to take note. I was going to do a FoodPunk video on pork scratching's, finding the perfect one but I'm not going to do that now because The George Pub does the best I have ever eaten. Those bad boys certainly didn't lack on the crunch level, they would destroy any other pork scratching if we were to judge it on that basis.

The good old fashioned scotch egg is also worth mentioning and it was scoffed within seconds on being on the table. You couldn't really blame us as it was packed with loads of sausage meat and the yolk was still soft in the centre. That's what dreams are made of right there.
 Poor old Sian being a vegetarian was missing out on some banging snacks but I will say that she was happy having her cheese and customary large glass of Pinot.

There's some lessons that I will never learn and one of them is how much food I order. The old saying is true about your eyes being bigger than your belly and no matter where I go I always eat more than I bargained for. I'm not gonna lie, knowing that I was going to eat dinner within the next hour, I probably didn't need to order so much. But I was off work, I was downing or should I say mixing my drinks and the snacks were brilliant.

After our stomachs had settled we headed upstairs to the restaurant where we were greeted by a awesome chick called Jade. For a restaurant that's meant to be sophisticated and refined, she was one cool funny lady. It's great to see someone who makes their guests feel at ease and at home, having a bit of a laugh in the process. She was on top form and was always on hand to help and have a bit of a joke with us. She said that if we liked we could go on trip advisor to review the place and her customer service skills but screw that, I can do one better by mentioning her on my blog, so Jade if you're reading this you get the FoodPunk love.

As I just stated the restaurant leans towards the more refined side of things and on top of that it was an amazing looking place.

Now for the food and my God it was worth every penny!!!!!! I think we would all have gone for dessert but because of our snacking it just wasn't meant to be but the starters and the main courses were incredible stuff. If the pictures below don't get your taste buds singing, I honestly don't know what will. You got to be crazy or a fool not to be impressed with the food.

Sugar cured prawns, avocado, radishes, pea shoots, grapefruit

Because I was having meat for main, I went for the prawns to start with and it had a variety of balanced flavours. The sweetness from the prawns, sharpness from the grapefruit and the dashing of rock salt just lifted that dish on to another level.

Heritage beetroot salad, yogurt, cracked wheat

Crispy duck egg, dukkah, Vitelotte potatoes, truffle, radish cress

Dexter ribeye, chips, roasted red onion, smoked garlic and horseradish butter


It was a difficult choice to choose what dishes to eat but when it came down to it, I really couldn't overlook the steak. I know in the past I've had Hawksmoor steak and in all honesty nothing can beat that but the steak at the Pig & Goose would be up there. The portion size was unbelievable, a nice fat, juicy, succulent steak, with a mountain of triple cooked chips and a sweet roasted onion thrown into the party. It was incredible and cooked just the way I like it. The smoked butter and horseradish butter  just melted everywhere giving me the chance to mop it up with every bit of the steak. I wasn't messing around, I was going to town on it.

Buratta, courgette, spinach, asparagus, oyster mushrooms

Devonshire lamb, peas, baby gem, broad beans, Jersey royals

Both Sian and Alex enjoyed their dishes and couldn't fault it either and to be honest if you agree with what I said about it being hard to pick what dishes to have, you can see why. The lamb looked really inviting and was cooked to perfection and if you're not feeling a heavy dish such as the steak I had, then the lamb would be the perfect lighter option.
I've got to say though the beetroot starter that Sian had could easily be a main meal. It was HUGE!!!!! not that I'm moaning because obviously you don't want to be left short.
The Pig & Goose was a great find and a place that everyone should check out. Even if you're not up for having a three course meal, then the George is the perfect alternative and has plenty of great bar snacks to choose from and an impressive selection of boos. I'm already planning my next trip there :) I need to try out the other dishes they have to offer as well. The Pig & Goose, I'm coming back for seconds.
FoodPunk over and out.

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