Sunday, 19 October 2014

Caravan Exmouth Market

A few years back towards the end of my college days, my close friend Alex told me he would be working full time at a newly established restaurant named Caravan.

Back then it was new, fresh, exciting and very few people had heard of it. Fast forward to the present and Caravan is a joint that has  made a big name for itself in the food world. Not only has it made a honourable reputation  in a short space of time, it has also created another restaurant in the Kings Cross area.

So what makes Caravan a success story??

A very committed young team (One of their chefs was recently mentioned in the Metro regarding a competition that he had entered) and lots of blood, sweat and tears. Not only that the chefs have also contributed to the ever growing popularity and consistency of the restaurant by changing the menu on a regular basis bringing fusion to their dishes inspired from all over the globe. They are not afraid to try new ideas. Check out the menu by clicking on the link below

I've been to Caravan a few times now and I haven't been let down and I'm not saying that because my best mate is sous chef there but because it really does serve up some of the best food that's around at the moment. Besides you just have to walk past and see how busy it gets and people that I have spoken to have said good things about the place.

The times that I have visited the restaurant have been on a Sunday where they serve brunch all day. Alex wants me to go during the week as its their proper menu, not to say that they do not take their brunch seriously but because during the week, its where the chefs really do showcase their wonderful ideas and food influences.

So what does Caravan's brunch consist of??

 Well to me its hearty, rich, flavoursome and bloody damn delicious. I went there just to have a light bite to eat to set me up for the day but I ended up ordering more than I should.

Their juices are so fresh and healthy, that it would most likely cure any hangover from the night before. Try the apple juice. Its bloody good!!.

I'm a massive coffee addict and these days its like a massive drug for me. I drink latte's every single day whether I'm out or at work. Caravan is famous for their coffees You just have to click on this link to see the accolades they have received for it under the coffee and roastery section . 
The latte I had was smooth, rich and full of flavour. It really does blow any other coffee shop out of the water.
The ham hock hash, poached egg, mustard hollandaise and peas was absolutely cracking. The eggs were cooked to perfection with that golden yolk oozing out onto the plate. The mustard hollandaise was stunning. The mild flavour from the mustard mixed with the zingy base of the sauce was a match made in heaven and the flavours did not overpower each other. The ham hock itself was moist, crumbly and certainly enjoyable.

 I must admit, I had a meat feast!. Sweet streaky bacon and the sizzling grilled chorizo sausages was so inviting that it was gone in no time. By the end of it I was stuffed to the core.
I obviously will visit Caravan again (when time is on my side) and write another and more in depth article of the place. I really would love to try the a la carte menu during the week because I can imagine if  the brunch is that damn good, then the weekly food menu will be second to none.

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